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SYNOPSIS based on a true story

Dreamer is a trailer that will arouse your inner artiste, forcing you to think outside the box and toward more grandeur of thought and imagination! This Avant- guard picturization of what it means to be at the cusp of defeat only to manifest your truest potential is only a teaser for a series that tackles some of our deepest demons: race, class, sexuality, abuse, and trauma. Through this compelling musical docu-drama, we will be introduced to one man’s journey from tragedy to triumph and what it means to stare death in the eye only to come out on the other side.

We begin with the visual of T lying on his death bed in the sterile, morose palliative ward. From there, we are transported into his state of delusion and despair, as Dreamer replays the events that informed his most painful memories. We meet an elusive character who preys upon the vulnerabilities of a young, impressionable, and vulnerable Dreamer. We have recounted the despondencies and overwhelming horrors that render Dreamer paralyzed by misfortune. And then, in the blink of an eye, we’re met with his manifestation of true self-awakening as we see current day Dreamer – a man fully realized and foreshadowing a journey to awareness and subconscious.

Through the abstraction of colour, symbols, powerful operatic rock, and select narration, we are informed of what Dreamer means.

Dreamer Trailer

Tim Speaking About the Trailer

More about DREAMER

We invite you to join us in spreading the message of hope, inspiration, and advocacy. In our mission to bring about greater awareness of HIV/AIDS apathy and the systemic issues that have long facilitated this global health crisis, we present ‘DREAMER.’

Dreamer is the promotional trailer for a proposed musical docu-drama TV series that forecasts the life of Timothy Bartsch – a young man who contracted HIV from his professor. Through this poignant, melodic, Avant-guard conceptualization, we are introduced to the tragedies and triumphs of one man in pursuit of his dreams.

In examining how this story unfolds, we are introduced to various issues of global and societal concern. We hope this script will take you to the world of consciousness and greater self and collective awareness.

Of paramount importance is stomping out the stigma associated with survivors of sexual abuse and trauma. Men who face abuse are less likely to report their experiences, in large part because of the hegemonic views of toxic masculinity that shun male victims. We wish to align ourselves with various aid organizations that further promote health, well- being and justice for survivors, irrespective of gender.

If you are interested in being part of this project as a producer or partner, please get in touch.

Never stop dreaming!

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