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Southern Time Band

The Southern Time Band is the ‘rock opera band’ for the cinematic rock opera-to-be, ‘Dreamer’ series. The Southern Time team will soon begin to produce ‘Dreamer’ under the orientation of one of the soon to be most famous production companies in Toronto ~ Southern Time Productions.

Most popular rock operas have had a real band (with a real fan base) performing music and a fictional drama (as in Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ or the Who’s ‘Tommy’). Or, the rock band accompanying the fictional work is fictional (as in ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’) or a hired stage band (as in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’).

The Southern Time Band is an original rock band whose music will accompany the ‘Dreamer’ series. Working under Southern Time Productions’ supervision and promotion expertise in Toronto, the Southern Time Band, will soon garner its real fan base in 2021.


The Dreamer series is a real-to-life musical docudrama that will narrate how T acquired HIV, what living with him has been like for him, and the social and spiritual insights he gained because of having both HIV and AIDS. The STB’s first album ‘Lost in Love No More’ serves as the ‘overture album’ to the Dreamer series, released over the 2020s.

The above is just one purpose of the Southern Time Band.


Another grand purpose of this team of incredibly talented musicians is to help meet UNAIDS’s 2030 goals (to end AIDS by 2030). They will do this by helping reduce HIV stigma. Two band members (Justin Anantawan and T) are both openly HIV positive and don’t hesitate to talk about it. HIV stigma is one of the significant reasons that people still die from AIDS. Seeing HIV positive ‘rock stars’ in the media behaving just as healthy, productive, and creative as anybody else will help reduce HIV stigma.

The Southern Time Band and Southern Time Productions will also donate a portion of everything they make to the Southern Time Foundation. The STF is working under a collaboration agreement with Southern Time Production, one of Toronto’s production companies and the world’s first arts and entertainment social innovator company. STP’s primary goal is also to use the power of music and film to help end AIDS by 2030.


The third and overarching purpose of the Southern Time Band is to make unique, profound, and long-lasting POPULAR music that the world has never quite heard before. Music is the universal language, after all. If there is ever to be ‘world peace,’ great music would be the reason behind the catalytic movement. Music brings about the possibility of such an idealistic utopia that will probably be a significant reason for such a miraculous occurrence.


The ‘Dreamer’ series is about helping raise global awareness and a call to action to end AIDS finally. But it is also about making the world a better place to live in for ALL. Its message is one of love, love for oneself, and all. Therefore, the Southern Time Band should have the same motif. And it does!


Production companies in TorontoThe title of the STB’s first album, ‘Lost in Love No More,’ literally describes the potential possibilities for people living with HIV today. One can now manage a full life living with HIV if they have access to effective, affordable, and consistent HIV antiretroviral treatment.

Because of the scientifically-verified fact of “U=U,” if a person’s HIV viral load is undetectable, the virus is untransmittable, even while having unprotected sex. People living with HIV can now have an average lifespan living ‘normal’ lives. They can also have relationships with people who do not have HIV and can even bear children without infecting them! People living with HIV can now live full, unrestricted, and healthy lives.

However still, nearly one million die from AIDS every year globally. This sad fact is because of many reasons, and HIV stigma is a critical one. The Southern Time Foundation will discover where HIV and AIDS are still relatively high in the world. It will then work with local HIV positive communities to find innovative solutions to reduce HIV and AIDS rates in their area and then fund such initiatives.


STB’s music is currently mostly from T’s classically-trained/Classic Rock Western perspective. The current STB band members have genuinely made the ‘Lost in Love No More’ album genre ‘Psychedelic Jazzy-Classical Musical-Theateresque Art-Rock.’ T has written around thirty songs so far for the ‘Dreamer’ series. So, there is a lot more room for A LOT more songs.

The series’ remaining songs will come from the other band members and exceptional guest musicians, who have varied musical tastes and diverse backgrounds and recognized popular tunes from various artists. T’s plan was always to include different genres in the series from around the world. ‘Southern Time’ is about ‘time for the Global South,’ after all. So, the series will also represent musical genres from the Global South.

Preproduction on the first season of the ‘Dreamer’ series will begin at the beginning of 2021. The STB’s second album will release along with the Dreamer series’ first season release at the end of 2021.

Despite COVID lockdowns, the Southern Time Band is determined to connect and share their music with the world.

We hope you enjoy ‘Lost in Love No More‘ and look forward to the STB’s next album and online or offline concerts coming soon to an audio and visual station near you!

The Southern Time Band is a product/service/under the label and management of Southern Time Productions, one of Toronto’s famous production companies.

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