Southern Time was a dream I wanted to realize not long after testing HIV positive for myself and the world ~ to live in peace, prosperity, and harmony ~ for all.  At age twenty, as a relatively-privileged Westerner, overnight I experienced incredible destitution and despair.  Though I may not have had much time to live, let alone ever love or be loved again, I wanted my life to make a difference, to positively matter.

I started writing songs and eventually wrote a rock opera, telling how I acquired HIV, and what living with it has been like for me.  In 2005, I produced ‘Southern Time’, a multi-media stage production in Vancouver, BC, and have since been aspiring to actualize it in its intended form ~ a cinematic musical docudrama.

I now have a reliable team and am about the find the remaining backup singers of the Southern Time Band. The band has recommenced rehearsing in 2019, and we intend to start recording the ‘Lost in Love No More’ album starting in January 2020. We want to release the album next June and kick off our first world tour at AIDS 2020 in San Francisco in July.

In regards to my relationship with HIV, with the latest scientific advances in HIV science, I may very well live a normal lifespan, and will not infect my partner.  We are expecting our first child in February.

I read a book once saying that ‘HIV was sent to humanity to teach us how to love’. I agree. HIV/AIDS is a story that has the power to change our world.  But, how that story turns out, how compassionately we all learn to live with and love each other, will determine what kind of world we leave our children and our collective communities.


‘Lost in Love No More’ will be a concept album released and showcased by the Southern Time Band June 27, 2020 in Toronto, Canada which explores what living with HIV has been like for me (T). The album will also serve as an overture to T’s cinematic rock opera, ‘Southern Time’, of which the preproduction of the first film of the tetralogy, ‘Southern Time, Deception’ will also begin in 2020.