Mark Hundevad


And, besides Danny DePoe, Mark Hundevad is where the Southern Time Band gets its genre’s ‘jazzy‘ descriptor.

Bryant Didier introduced T to Mark a couple of weeks before the completion of ‘Lost in Lost No More,’ and T and Mark hit it off immediately. Mark and T were Facebook friends for years and liked each others’ posts, but they never met in person prior.

Some musicians live nearly completed off the grid, at least internet-wise, but Mark’s reputation as an incredibly virtuosic vibraphone player is widely known. He has performed with and recorded not only his vibes but drums and piano too for many greats since the 1970s.

Here’s one such endorsement from Bob Wiseman

“Then there is my fave, Mark Hundevad, and I know a great secret about him – he’s a whacked-out intense pianist. The secret part is I don’t think anyone knows he plays the piano. He studied Cecil Taylor (they are also friends), and studying Cecil is about as simple as deciding to study the flight pattern of one particular bumblebee for seven months.

And there is another secret which is his main instrument is vibes which is kinda crazy because so is his drumming (as in crazy amazing). The way he listens, processes, and responds is part of why I started this thread suggesting drummers are shamen.

Before I moved to 11 Soho across the back lane by the former Bamboo club in the 80s, I used to visit because it was where Wayne Cass lived. We could jam or just gab about everything, we were close then and Wayne had such a beautiful connection to the guitar but wasn’t accepted yet by the more established circles. Mark Hundevad also lived there and he built an impressive rehearsal space in the basement. Wayne introduced us. Mark’s drums and vibes were crammed between makeshift walls of thrown-out mattresses for soundproofing. Young musicians with shit jobs feel rich if they can get a place where they can practice loudly. It was a luxury thing for Wayne and Mark and Ken Myhr to live and use that space. I couldn’t wait for someone to leave so I could move in.”

Check out this wicked performance of Mark’s ~ Mark Hundevad with Controlled Demolition – “Inner Glimpse” by McCoy Tyner

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