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Get deep insight into the Southern Time Band’s music & essence. The portrayal of its background, history, formation, and amalgamation of some extremely talented artists from Canada. The Band emphasizes on the importance of music and its capability to help change the world. STB has been a firm believer of the same!

We have a story that does not restrict itself to the great virtuosos STB is filled up with but also it helps deliver a positive impact on the world by following the footsteps of a saying “Whatever you give to life, it gives you back. Do not hate anybody. The hatred which comes out of you will someday come back to you. Love others and love will come back to you!”

Get a better understanding of the core elements of Rock Opera Music and how Southern Time Band has incorporated some noble values to it!

We have stated how ‘Southern Time’ began as just a song and idea by the CEO, Tim Bartsch, but transformed into a beautiful organization that looks forward to helping people with HIV live better by spreading more awareness and attention towards it.

These small write-ups aim to help you acknowledge STB’s roots and history. Broaden your perspective and know what all is there in store for you! Read more about us and one loves that of music uniting the world together!

Mentioned below are the detailed explanations of our recent album called “Lost In Love No More” along with conceptual creatives!

Have a look at our latest blogs and write-ups written by the STB Team.

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First of all, I do not purport to know everything about abuse, whether physical, psychological, emotional, or sexual. I can only write and speak from my experience of which I…

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Turning a dark nightmare into a beautiful dream and then doing everything to make it come true in reality takes strength, determination, and courage. ~ Anonymous I have been working…

Southern Time and the Global South

What is ‘Global South’? The term ‘Global South‘ originally referred to Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. It was first coined by the French demographer ‘Alfred Savvy’ in 1952 along…

first album release of southern time band - a canadian singers and bands

Southern Time Band | First Album Release

INTRODUCTION: Southern Time Band The Southern Time Band is one of the best sources of ‘21st Century Social Classical’ music flourishing in Toronto, Canada, and successfully stands as an impeccable virtuosic group…

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