Bryant Didier is an active live performer, as well as a skilled and experienced producer and studio / live sound engineer. Presently, Bryant performs with: Poppa Weelee Funk/Soul Rhythm Section featuring various singers in regular weekly – live soul/funk events at Mirto Italian restaurant – 25 Toronto st. Over the years, he has performed with such well-known artists as Tom Cochrane, Bruce Cockburn, Billy Bragg, Jane Siberry, Carole Pope, Molly Johnson, Shakura S’aida, Jackie Richardson and many more. He is a bassist (electric and upright), a guitarist, a singer, a producer, a multi-instrumentalist, an studio engineer, a music arranger, a composer, a live performer/improviser, recording studio owner, a live mixing engineer, a computer programmer, a beat-maker, a songwriter, and much more.

Groups Bryant has played/is playing with ~

Charlie Jacobson Band

The 60sxperience

Dieufaite (Jahfaa) Charles

Diem Lafortune!/artists/diem-lafortune

The Southern Time Band

Southern Time Band – Never again will the sun go down…

And many more…

Since 1989 Bryant has owned and operated B. Musique productions/studio, an intimate, boutique studio, located in a 110+ year-old former school-house in west-downtown Toronto. B. Musique is geared primarily towards the recording and creation of new, original music; for artists, film, television and other media. Over the last 26 years, Bryant has co-written and recorded thousands of compositions in numerous styles, genres and ensembles and for numerous applications. His musical abilities are vast, varied and expansive. Recently, Bryant has been instrumental in the development of a new music co-operative (Evmc – evolutionary music co-operative) in order to help invigorate Toronto’s original music scene. He and his partners envision a 21st century Motown.

Toronto is on the world map for new music. Bryant and his expanding network of arts and industry professionals are excited for the future of the music and arts scene here. Towards this goal, Bryant and violin virtuoso tom hamilton have planted the seeds for a new organization called ‘artscity Toronto’ to showcase and live-stream great original Toronto based performers. They also plan to develop and host a podcast of the same name, in order to discuss the Toronto’s arts scene, and generate ideas and projects towards improving the opportunities for artists to earn a decent living. Interviewees will include government officials, venue owners, musicians, producers, investors and other stakeholders. Bryant has recently co-written a new original rock and roll / electric ghoul musical called ‘the Wylde ones’. He is also co-writing a sci-fi musical with mladen alexander (former guitarist for triumph). Bryant plays the following instruments: upright and electric bass (fretted and fretless), guitars (electric, acoustic, and classical), piano and other keyboards (and synthesizer programming), percussion (various), drum kit, and vocals (sung and spoken). Bryant loves using electronic and acoustic effects to alter and enhance his productions and performances.

Bryant has worked in numerous genres, including; jazz, reggae, rock, hip hop, blues, country, latin, classical, opera, metal, hi life, folk, flamenco, jungle, experimental, alternative, r & b, house, funk, world, etc. He also records voice-overs, book narrations, etc. Bryant has also worked with youth, the elderly, unions, labour organizations and more, in a multitude of community projects, recordings and performances. Bryant is a regular performer at the labour day celebration at city hall and often performs on the caw / unifor float. Bryant’s industrial credits include:


Real Voodoo, Made in Canada, Soul Survivor, Sadness of the Moon, A Small-Dick/Fleshy-Ass Thang and many more.


Convictions (Extreme Clergy), Skin Deep, Hoop It Up, Edison Twins (Nelvana)…


CBC Radio One – As It Happens / CIUT station IDS


Ital Pasta, Kraft Foods , McCain , Dairy Queen, Nintendo, Ford, Sears, Mattel. Industrials: Steelcase, MAC Cosmetics.


‘Harlem Duet’ Stratford Summer Festival 2006, Cirque Fantastique, SIDS Kids.