The Dreamer Series

Dreamer Series Trailer

The Dreamer series has been a dream T has been working towards ever since he first wrote his first song, ‘Southern Time,’ a few months after testing HIV positive in 1996.  With whatever time he had left (T was turning 21 at the time), he wanted to make a positive difference in our world through his musical talents and the power of the story of how he acquired HIV.

In 2005, after joining bands, T produced his music and story as a multimedia stage production in Vancouver, B.C.  In 2009, he nearly died from AIDS in Toronto.

After six months of recovery in the hospital, T started to pursue his Southern Time dream again.  He wrote screenplays and continued to compose music.  And then, in 2015, T moved back to Toronto and started to find the members of the Southern Time Band, the ‘rock opera band’ for what was to become the Dreamer series.

In 2020, as the world turned upside down, the Southern Time Band released their first album ‘Lost in Love No More,’ the overture album for the Dreamer series, and shot the series’ trailer above. Southern Time Productions is now ready to begin preproduction on its premiere music and film product, with the desire for the first season of ‘Dreamer’ to release at the end of 2022.



Dreamer, a passionate musician, reflects on his journey as an AIDS survivor confronting his own brokenness and alter ego in his search for love and belonging.


Based on a true story.

Growing up in Western Canada, Dreamer’s desire for love and belonging drove him to make a series of bad decisions. On track to become a professional cellist, his world shattered before him with an HIV positive diagnosis in 1996.

We meet Dreamer in the palliative ward in 2009, lying in a hospital bed, waiting to die from AIDS.

It is through Dreamer’s musical mind that we explore the tragedy that brought him to the brink of death, and discover the hope for his future.

Every episode will take the viewer on a stunning musical journey through this fantastical story.


(Main Character.)

Dreamer is a musician. His relentless pursuit of acceptance drove him into a torrid affair with his cello professor Chuck.

From a young age, Dreamer longed for love and belonging. In school and at home he faced constant rejection and abuse. Trapped in his own mind, he finds his only friend in T, a mysterious figure that claims to be from another world.

When Dreamer’s life almost ends in 2009, his journey to find real love had hardly begun. As an AIDS survivor, and now facing life as an HIV positive cripple, Dreamer finally begins learning how to become a man worthy of love.


(Supporting Character.)

A mysterious figure, T primarily appears in musical dream sequences. He becomes a driving force behind Dreamer’s pursuit of love and acceptance.

T claims to be an altruistic being from another reality. Dreamer trusts him implicitly.

He represents an ideal future for Dreamer; as a confident musician, flamboyant performer, and strangely fascinating figure.


(Supporting Character.)

Chuck, a renowned cellist, and professor is Dreamer’s mentor and confidant. Facing a midlife crisis, Chuck seeks his own self-gratification through Dreamer.

He possesses a brilliant mind, but with a history of molestation and abuse, Chuck is guarded. He embraces his carnality to hide from his own pain.

He longs for justice, recognition, acceptance, and belonging.


Our story begins with Dreamer introducing himself in voiceover from a hospital bed. It is quickly revealed that Dreamer is in a palliative ward dying from AIDS. Reflecting on how he ended up on the brink of death, Dreamer begins to recall his youth.

Dreamer introduces us to a troubled young man, a young Dreamer, suffering abuse both at school and at home. Seeking refuge, Dreamer encounters T for the first time. The underlying musical score takes over, and we are caught between reality and a dream; a musical number.

T asserts himself as a spectator in Dreamer’s life, and the viewer is left contemplating who this mysterious figure could possibly represent, and what his motives might be.

Under the influence of T, Dreamer’s life seems to take a turn. In his senior year in high school, Dreamer finds freedom from his tormented existence as an incel when he starts dating his first girlfriend. He also begins making other friends at school, though he remains ungratified.

Just as Dreamer’s life begins to give him hope, he meets Chuck, a figure that looms over Dreamer like a dark shadow. Somehow simultaneously terrifying and alluring, a new force has begun to pull on Dreamer’s mind.



We meet Dreamer at age 33, dying from AIDS. He recounts a tortured upbringing and meeting T, a mysterious eccentric who claims to be from another world.


At T’s behest, Dreamer moves to a small town to study with a renowned cellist risking everything to get what he wants.


After coming to terms with the consequences of what he has done, Dreamer must decide if he will continue down this dark path to achieve his dreams.


After completing a semester, tensions rise, and Chuck threatens to tell Dreamer’s parents about their sexual relationship.


Dreamer is driven to a breaking point by a surprise visit from his girlfriend, coupled with the continued abuse from the men in his life.


Chuck spends a day at Dreamer’s childhood home. Dreamer’s dad builds a connection with Chuck through their mutual upbringing.


Dreamer’s father is dying. Chuck begins pressuring Dreamer to move in together. When Dreamer’s father dies, Chuck continues to pursue Dreamer at the funeral.


Dreamer has a cello breakthrough, Chuck and Dreamer celebrate. Dreamer loses himself in a letter to a woman.


Dreamer finally arrives in Europe. Isolated and alone his mental health deteriorates rapidly, leaving room for Chuck to come to the rescue.


Dreamer finally decides to come clean with his mother about Chuck and writes a letter as he begins his studies in Germany.


After his mother’s revelations, Dreamer confronts Chuck, and is tested for HIV.


Diagnosed HIV positive, Dreamer attends a Halloween party at a discotheque, where he lashes out. T quietly watches from the sidelines.


Season 1:

We journey with Dreamer through his troubled youth and the broken relationships that lead to his HIV positive diagnosis in 1996.

Season 2:

Dreamer must face the reality of living in the ’90s and 2000s as an HIV positive man. He explores communities suffering from the AIDS epidemic from around the world and begins to come to terms with the larger reality of global inequity.

Season 3 (and more):

Dreamer begins an active pursuit to make his “Southern Time” dream a reality. Battling AIDS, Dreamer seeks reconciliation with Chuck. Dreamer finally ends up in the palliative ward in Vancouver BC. He must now win the fight for his life.


The series begins as a dark musical journey detailing how a young cellist acquired HIV.

Although based on a true story, this re-telling will explore the notions of reality and perception through music.

Every episode will contain a single musical composition that will play under the entire episode. The music will serve as a mechanism that carries the viewer through the story. There will also be moments where it will break through to the audience at strategic moments in full musical numbers.

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