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Desert Moon
Lost In Love
Desert Moon
Searching For Love
Hey Charlie
When The Fire Dreams

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First virtual performance for AIDS-2020

Watch the full performance of STB, a famous rock opera band from Canada at the virtual conference.

Plenary sessions were held at the AIDS-2020: Virtual conference, featuring the world’s most distinguished HIV scientists, policy specialists, and community leaders to organize an unprejudiced space to talk about UNAIDS 2030 goals.

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About STB

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Southern Time Band is a “21st Century Social Classical” soon-to-be-famous rock opera band from Canada. Over the next decade (the 2020s), you will come to love and appreciate this new musical genre (‘psychedelic jazzy-classical musical-theateresque art-rock’) from the STB of which many copycat bands will eventually produce their unique variety of social classical.

What is 21st Century Social Classical music? The Southern Time Band has reimagined classical music for the 21st century, weaving the ‘high art’ of classical music with the social commentary and call to action (and loving vibe) of the cultural revolution in the West of the 1960s and 70s.

STB believes music can change the world positively, and we trust you do, too.

But, the STB does not just musically ‘talk’ about a better world; it leads by example. It will donate (through Southern Time Productions) in perpetuity a portion of everything it makes to the Southern Time Foundation, for the STB, STP, and the STF all have the same mission in mind ~ first to help end AIDS.

T, the lead singer of the STB, has had HIV since 1996 and nearly died from AIDS. Another singer in the band, Justin Anatawan, is also openly-HIV positive and genuinely cares for the disenfranchised and stigmatized people in our world. So, ending AIDS is personal for members of the STB. T and Justin will campaign wherever the band performs for the end to HIV stigma and reducing deaths from AIDS.

The Southern Time Band has been performing globally (e.g., AIDS 2010, 2016, 2018, and 2020) since 2005, when the multimedia stage production of ‘Southern Time’ was first produced in Vancouver, B.C. The various musicians from the group have performed some of the most famous musical acts in the world. With a flavor of 21st Century Social Classical and an aim to positively change the world, the STB stands with an undefeatable determination at heart and an astounding and skillful team.

If you are interested in learning more about STB’s music, message, and mission, please continue to peruse this website and consider purchasing a song or some merchandise, or just become a fan in general. Every bit of support helps.

Want to be a part of a community whose sole intention is to change our world positively?

If so, join the growing Southern Time Community groups on both Facebook and LinkedIn!!

Eventually, we will have the Southern Time Forum on, where group members can securely discuss pertinent issues facing our world and plan to take decisive actions TOGETHER.

The Southern Time Band is a product/service/under the label and management of Southern Time Productions.

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