Here, we will post Southern Time Productions’ IGTV interviews of various aspiring and well-known musicians, singers, dancers, filmmakers, and all manner of artists that relate to Southern Time worldwide. They share their artistic, musical talents in these interviews and their various opinions on how current events affect their personal lives and worldview.

However, they all want the world to become a better place for all, for, after all, musicians and artists tend to desire the best for humanity, as good art and music are one of the virtues of what it means to be human.

The first interview was on July 1st, 2020 with Justin Anantawan, an amazing HIV positive singer of the Southern Time Band who shares his passion for helping LGTBQ initiatives as well as the less fortunate in general. Others were with Swati Prasad, an aspiring Indian musician and Bollywood singer from India, Viktor Manoel, a world-famous dancer of the Punker style, and Ryan Martyr, a famous Indian dancer. And of course, Tim Bartsch/T, the founder/CEO of Southern Time Productions and the Southern Time Band’s lead singer.

Who are all of the above interviewed by, you may ask? Well, at the present moment, it depends on who our current intern in India is at the time! The first five interviews were wonderfully interviewed by Saloni Sharma, also an Indian dancer.

In the future, we dream that our Southern Time interviewer at the moment will come from various locations and cultures globally, as many different perspectives and personalities presented only adds to our world’s mutual understanding, appreciation, and unification.

Southern Time, Southern Time Productions, the Southern Time Foundation, and the Southern Time Band are all about our world’s present and future fate.

We believe that it is the artists and musicians of our world that can use their ‘soft power’ unlike no other to change people’s minds and call people to action to address the current dire straits that our world is facing.

Where art mimics life, art can also inspire life. Through the universal language of music and art, human minds can realize different and better ways of living and loving one another despite our world’s many different cultural expressions.

If you are an artist or musician or someone you know is, and you/they would like to be interviewed by our interviewer-of-the-moment, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

It does not matter if the artist is aspiring to be known or is already well-known. As long as they believe in the principles of Southern Time for a unified, balanced, and harmonious world, we want to present their perspective and artistic/musical talents to the world!

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