July 6, 2020
Southern Time Band
Southern Time Productions
Producer: Southern Time Productions
Number of discs: 1

The first song of ‘Lost in Love No More,’ ‘Lost in Love,’ encapsulates the arc of the concept album in a nutshell ~ from despair and loss to restoration and triumph. T wrote this song in 2016 in preparation for AIDS 2016, but the song’s eventual positive resolution was not reflected in T’s life until 2017 when he met his future wife and mother of his child.

The song tells of the journey of searching for love, not only T has felt throughout his life especially since living with HIV, but something many people regardless of time and space have felt ~ trying to find love from outside themselves only to realize that one first must love themselves before another can respectfully and honestly love them.


Lost in love, I’m lost in love

Shedding life, I cannot shine
Let me be, oh precious tree

That leaves, me souring light
Can’t you see, the casualty

That you’ve made… I’ve made me?

Lost in love, I’m lost in love

She’s so pretty, I cannot touch
But maybe, she will like me

In heaven, or something closer
To the ground, where I am under

God forbid, I will be loved

~ Instrumental ~

Summertime a long time ago

Your roots first awakened my soul
You gave me a reason to live

Your beauty was my motive to give

Now maybe there’s someone else to love?!

Who will reciprocate my love

I will not have to be such a pain

We will share and our love remain!

Freedom! Freedom!

Lies within our souls

Cherishing boundaries

Protects our hearts from stones

I’m not lost in love, not lost in love

I’m shining bright, in tune to the Light

Those days, when my heart ached

Are over, and good riddance
For I’ve found, what my heart needs

And it isn’t, some tree…

Lost in love, I’m lost in love

She’s so pretty, she’s what I want

And though there’s days, when we must be strong

There is always, time to belong

I love her, and she loves me

‘Till the end of time

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