June 28, 2021
Southern Time Band
Southern Time Productions
Producer: Southern Time Productions
Number of discs: 1

“Southern Time” was the first song T wrote as he was turning 21 in 1997.

T knew of his HIV-positive status for a few months now and was ready to start coming to terms with his diagnosis and what it meant for the rest of his life.

He still wanted to do music, but not of the classical kind anymore. Inspired by documentaries on John Lennon and Bob Marley, T decided to give a go at his version of the genre – a musical masterpiece, like Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ – that could inspire individuals and the world to be better. Doing so gave T a new purpose in life. ‘Southern Time’ was what resulted.

LYRICS (Southern Time)

Southern Time

Southern Time, the winds sublime
A radiant light shines on bygone crimes

Yet still there is this shadow of hate
Still there is a shadow of hate

Northern nights, a time to remember
The skies’ alight, the month of December

Will the rain fall?
Will the rain fall for everyone ?

Never again will the sun go down

So here we are after ten thousand years
So ‘civilized’ we be, yet still we fear

Was it really worth it to conquer and hate?
Or, did it just bring, more hate and fear?

There was a time when work was like play
When food was for the taking, air and water the same

It can be like that again, where everyone has
All we need to do is believe it can!

Never again will the sun go down


Released June 28, 2021
T (AKA Tim Bartsch) – Composer/Lyricist, Lead vocals, Piano, Cello
Bryant Didier – Producer, Guitar, Bass, Yaybahar
Douglas Peppiatt – Assistant Producer, Yaybahar
Devlin Brand – Recording engineer
Charlie Ringas – Drums
Shessi Sandu – Backup vocals
Mark Hundevad – Bongos, Shakers


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