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July 6, 2020
Southern Time Band
Southern Time Productions
Producer: Southern Time Productions
Number of discs: 1

The second song of ‘Lost in Love No More,’ ‘Time’ was a song T wrote the day before he turned thirty in 2006.  A few months previously, he and the Southern Time team had put on the first iteration of ‘Southern Time’ as a multimedia stage production in Vancouver, B.C.  So T, despite being incredibly in monetary debt, had much hope and inspiration for what his future might hold

(In the West, at least, there is much inner pressure on twenty-somethings ‘to do something’ extraordinary or at least somewhat significant with their professional lives by age thirty.)  When the inspiration hits, a true artist will heed the calling and output the download they get from the Source, or from whatever one might want to name that higher creative entity that moves an artist to create.


Time goes

So slowly

Goes so slowly

That’s Time


And when,

I once walked

I purged the burden, and I


Oh yeah



~ Instrumental ~

And time goes by…

And now

I can’t see

What is happening to me?

This is not who I am!

And, I

Am a god

This mortal shell is a fraud!

I won’t die

Cause I am

A free son of God

I breathe the Soul

I am Time

And Time shines on You…

And we are

Free children of God

We breathe the


We are Time

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