Tralfamador cover art
July 6, 2020
Southern Time Band
Southern Time Productions
Producer: Southern Time Productions
Number of discs: 1

This little ditty came as a most pleasant surprise as the Southern Time Band was recording ‘Lost in Love No More’ in the spring of 2020.

Bryant Didier, the band’s bassist and producer got inspiration from the brief intro of ‘Desert Moon’ to expand the piano chord arpeggio into an eventual, nearly one-minute soundscape of instrumental oblivion. Rick Sacks, Donne Roberts, and Bryant laid down their tracks to it, and then Mark Hundevad and Danny DePoe did theirs. Then came the mixing week, end of June 2020, and Bryant and T did not have a title when we came to this track! So, while Bryant was busy doing his mixing thang (B’s the hardest working musician in the world, in T’s opinion), T started googling Kurt Vonnegut-associated made-up names from his fictional books and stumbled on Tralfamadore!

In Wikipedia’s own words ~

“Tralfamadorians can experience reality in four dimensions, meaning, roughly, that they have total access to past, present, and future; they can perceive any point in time at will. Able to see along the universe’s timeline, they know the exact time and place of its accidental annihilation as the result of a Tralfamadorian experiment but are powerless to prevent it. Because they believe that when a being dies, it continues to live in other times and places, their response to death is, “So it goes.” They are placid in their fatalism and patiently explain their philosophy to Pilgrim during the interval he spends caged in a Tralfamadorian zoo. Eventually, Pilgrim adopts their attitude and returns to Earth.”

T, BTW, is NOT from Tralfamadore; he is from Zyx. The ‘Dreamer’ series will briefly explain Zyx in its first season…

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