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Here, Ken Nelson and Timothy Bartsch (AKA ‘T’) discuss themes and interview guests related to Southern Time (Time for the Global South to Shine). Both Ken and Tim believe that for our world to come into balance (where everyone is clothed, sheltered, and fed, and has the educational opportunities and privilege to further their positive personal development), and, therefore, harmony (where no avarice or envy exists, and people are generally happy and loving towards one another), the ‘Global South’ must shine economically, freedom and security-wise just as the nations of ‘Global North’ have relatively faired over the last few centuries.

Ken and Tim, like many others in the general public who know a little of what the term ‘Global South’ refers, extend its accepted definition beyond geography or nationhood to include Indigenous communities around the world who have seen persecution and genocide over the centuries and continue until this day, as well disenfranchised and marginalized groups within so-called ‘First World/developed’ nations. For example, the urban and rural poor in many Western countries consists of both people of color and Caucasian backgrounds. However, the poor in these countries may be fed and housed (to a certain deplorable degree;); the wealthy in First World countries often exploit these ‘generates’ (in their eyes) for their capitalistic gain in one way or another.

As a consequence of the novel coronavirus and its accompanying lockdowns, the First World economies face disastrous debt and an economic crisis in the next few years, if not decades. The threat or promise of Artificial Intelligence, automation, Universal Basic Income, cryptocurrency, mandatory/coerced vaccinations, and ever-increasing surveillance; transhumanism bodes for humanity a fundamental crossroads, to say the least.

How will we, as a world populace and individuals, shape the future of our world? Will we leave it up to billionaires and technocrats to decide our fate for us? Will we step up to the plate as sovereign individuals in unified communities around the globe to self-govern? Indigenous traditions and Western common-law experiments over the centuries can teach us how self-govern as a united world for once. We had better deliberate our choices wisely, and within the community. Ken and Tim also believe that more brains are better than one. Human intelligence is group intelligence. Let us employ the best of humanity at this dire time to construct a new world we all can love.

The above are such themes and questions Ken and Tim and their guests will discuss.


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