Understand the lyrics carefully as you listen to this song.  Each verse has messages that pretty much everyone can relate to (neverminding the pronouns, of course;)!!


‘Neville’ was a song inspired by the breakthrough in the reconciliation process he and the cello professor who infected T with HIV were having in 2014 (as an example of restorative justice). Not too long after, though, the professor refused to give his consent for T to represent his likeness in the screenplays for the ‘Southern Time Tetralogy’ T was writing at the time. However, for a moment in time (and for a couple of years before the professor passed away in 2018), T and the professor genuinely loved each other (and not in a sexual way) for the first time.

T describes the lyrics of this song as “coming to terms with one’s inner child, the masculine, feminine, animalistic and God parts within every one of us.”


The Neville inside
The angel above, the devil below
What more can I show?
The truth is plain
I meant aeroplane
That flies overhead
Even while I’m dead

Won’t you play with me
Have a cup of ‘T’
Sweet sugar in bed
Just call me Ted
Oh, Neville

The hunter inside
She gathers beside
She isn’t insane
Nor is she plain!
She’s a creature of God
Doesn’t know the word fraud
She isn’t a bitch, only bewitched!

Shining her light
To Neville’s delight
Oh, Sherryll Might
Be that Spiral Flight!!

The child inner
Blest be still here
When having your own
You’re loving your home
A shelter to groom
Let themselves assume
Who they’re meant to be
Not just you and me

Praise to God they be
Something more than
Anyone can see!
That’s baby boy
Baby girl

This life is a gift
Don’t let it be missed
Cherish every kiss
Go out and play!
Choose what you are
Raise the bar
Challenge every ‘star’!!!

And then you’ll
See what the magic is made of
You’ll be that better man
Never fear, you’ll get there
My friends

So here we are
What a miracle it is
Just to is
Never mind the awe!
To imagine God
To dream of You
To marry me!!

We journey this life
Together in strife
We’ll never be the
Only ones alone
Take this bone
Take it home



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