Southern Time’s Multimedia Stage Production


The first stab at my dream ~ first time acting, producing, production managing (of over 30 individuals), and singing lead in a rock band. It was quite a cathartic and extraordinary learning experience! This video is a demo of the 7 nights we put the show on at the Wise Hall in Vancouver, B.C. In July of that year, after having worked on the demo of Southern Time’s songs for over a year, I decided that there was no more time to waste, I needed to get my powerful story and songs out to the world, so I booked the hall and then started making it happen. After gracious donations from my rich uncle and loving mother, and credit card debt, in six months, my team and I had gathered over 30 individuals to make these shows a reality. It was a crazy, beautiful time, and surprised me what the will to power could do!!

Dec. 4 – 10, 2005

Southern Time Productions

Producer: Timothy Bartsch

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